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The 1903 Courthouse Museum

A little history...

The Pulaski County Historical Society was organized March 27, 1969. The chairperson for this meeting was Mabel Mottaz. She was elected the first President of the Society at the April 1969 meeting.  Others elected were, George Lane, Waynesville, 1st Vice-President, Barney Brown, Richland, 2nd Vice-President, Nellie Wills, Crocker, 3rd Vice-President, Warren Pritchett, Buckhorn, 4th Vice-President, Clara Ichord, Waynesville, Secretary, and Sue Hansen, Waynesville, Treasurer.  

“Our obsession with the past will build the future.  This is our plan.”

Additional information...

Pulaski County Museum & Historical Society is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to preserving the history & memory of Pulaski County, Missouri's pioneer families and the rich culture, heritage, and traditions that they bestowed upon us. Pulaski County's legacies tell the story of the Trail of Tears, the Civil War, the Frisco Railroad, Route 66, and the genesis of today's premiere military training installation- Fort Leonard Wood.

The flagship of our Historical Society is the 1903 Courthouse Museum. One of only two period courthouses on the Mother Road in Missouri, our Route 66 Courthouse is surely a gem in the historic highway's crown. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979, the courthouse remained the center of Pulaski County's government operations until 1990.

Today the 1903 Courthouse Museum is open to visitors on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., April through September. A guided tour through the individual rooms is available, or you can explore at your leisure. The Gift Shop features Route 66 souvenirs, 1903 Courthouse T-shirts, historical publications, postcards, and knick knacks, including frog themed items.

Admission to the museum is free, but donations are gladly accepted and appreciated. Group tours are available year round, by appointment.  Contact Museum Curator Denise Seevers at 573-855-3644 or email ( to arrange a tour for your group or organization. 

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